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.oh hi, mark

I like a lot of things.

Oh -- hello there. 

I'm guessing you want to know a bit about me, huh? Well, let's see. Should I be doing this in third person? Too late for that, I guess...let me just start over.


Greetings! The name's Mark. Growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana, I found the need to escape a life that often told me I was no good the way I was. I did this by finding solace in the stories that inspired and gave me hope that I could be whatever I wanted to be. Whether it be through text, stage, or screen, if there was a good story to be told, I was engrossed.


As I got older, I became increasingly fascinated by the visuals that supported the stories of the big screen. The worlds that could expand from the wall that separated me was and is one of the truest forms of modern magic.


Honing in a bit, the combination of characters and colors and story and music within animated film really has been one of my biggest sources of creative and personal inspiration.


When I found out just how powerful animation could be, I was addicted. 


This is the driving force that led me to study Visual Effects at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). During my time at SCAD, I discovered my passion for lighting and shading, while having incredible experiences studying abroad in Hong Kong and interning at Pixar Animation Studios, Blur Studio, and the University of Georgia's Veterinary Program.


I look forward to pushing myself within my artform, and learning from people and companies that inspire me.

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